This Way, We’ll Survive

“Amazing and pure as the light

that leads us through the darkness.

May it guide us onward,

where all is illuminated.”

This Year and How to Survive by Chad Sugg

These nights blend,

They bleed into one.

Highway full of lights

that don’t show me the way

but the one night that

continues on and on and on.

I wake up again

looking for the sun,


amazing and pure as the light.

With your eyes, they’ll dig holes

I’ll lose control

take it over from here,

keep in mind,

the passenger seat looks like

another night I won’t recall;

hopes so small.

The light,

it’s gone from the end:

it’s not a good thing,

or a bad thing,

it just is.

If you think up all of the moons

and suns

I’ll keep wishing for the star

that sparks;

that leads us through the darkness.

Stay, this one last night,

we’ll make it to tomorrow.

Run there, if we have to

it’ll be our get away;

with that voice, whispers

about the future,

how it’s so daunting.

We aren’t getting any younger.

Once we start, it won’t be so hard,

may it guide us onward.

You and I,

we’ll be on our way,

it just needs time.

We’ll be fine.

If we follow the highway lights;

sometimes they’re too bright, but


we’ll go

where all is illuminated.


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