15 Best Buzzfeed-esque DIY Life Pro-Tips

  1. Want beautiful, younger-looking skin? Make this simple cleanser with 1-part lemon juice, 1-part baking soda, ½-part toothpaste, and ½-Clorox bleach. Mix into a paste, paint on to your huge pores and you’ll start seeing a difference immediately!
  2. Need to put more money in your piggy bank for your trip to Cuba this summer? Just stop paying your bills, every penny adds up!
  3. Global warming affects us all and we all have a part to play in counter-acting its influences. Leave your fridge and freezer doors open for 24 hours and you’ve done your good deed for the week!
  4. Worried that you won’t be emotionally strong enough to handle a loved-ones death? Start alienating yourself now so it’ll be easier when the time comes! Works every time!
  5. Doing your spring cleaning and forgot to buy new rubber gloves? No problem! Just find an old candle and melt the wax over your hands to protect the skin from the harmful chemicals!
  6. Sick of brushing your teeth before your coffee and breakfast every morning? Simply add twice the amount of toothpaste to your morning coffee and you’ll have minty fresh breath all morning.
  7. Need double-sided tape around the house but only have normal Scotch tape? Add hot glue with a glue gun to the other side and voila, it sticks to anything!
  8. Want to make a great impression on your new friends with fresh sushi for everyone, but don’t have any seafood available? Using raw chicken is great in a pinch!
  9. Need to charge your phone but don’t have your charger? No problem! Just stick your phone in the microwave for 30 seconds on “potato” to allow the waves to add energy to your phone battery.
  10. Misplaced your tweezers? No worries, buy a new pair and your old ones will show up immediately.
  11. Don’t you hate when your frozen pizza toppings fall off when you’re cutting it? Keep the plastic wrap on while its cooking and it keeps them in place!
  12. When taking a multiple choice test and you get stumped, remember this simple trick: When in doubt, “C” your way out!
  13. Eggs are a great source of protein for your new diet – if you ever get sick of the taste just add cocoa, butter, flour and bake for 30 minutes; you’ll love it!
  14. A few bucks and be your own electrician at home! Don’t know where the breaker panel? Just kink the wire like a garden hose to stop the flow of electricity.
  15. Stain on your new shirt? Just drench it in coffee grounds and it’ll look brand new!

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