Hi there! My name is Cassie Hunter, and I’m an aspiring author, and in the future I hope to find a career among editing.

I’ve been writing since I learned how to piece letters together to make words. I wrote stories of foxes and raccoons with classmates and I stapled all the coloured pages together in elementary school, and wrote angsty, rhyming poetry in high school. But those days I sat at my desk, the sun streaming through the window creating spotlights for floating dust with a pencil in my hand, I became attached to words. I wrote them all over my body; first scribbled in pen, then carved in ink.

After finding solace in my creative writing class in high school, I headed to University in London, ON, two hours away from my home in Windsor, to start my studies in English Literature and Creative Writing.

Now I spend my days sitting under trees with books, my dog Penny, and my new favourite pen of the week. My go-to will always be poetry; that’s just how my mind seems to speak to me, but fiction will always have a special place in my heart as well.

I hope you’re able to find the peace that I try to lace within every work I write, whether it is fiction or a simple book review.

I have previously published poetry and fiction pieces in Polar Expressions Publishing, 2013 Summer Collections,

Before the Frost – A Collection of Canadian Poetry (ISBN: 978-1-926925-22-6) ;

The Sun Shall Rise – A Collection of Canadian Short Stories (ISBN: 978-1-926925-23-3).

I also have a short fiction piece in Nom de Plume, Western University’s Creative Writing Club’s journal, spring 2016 edition. A link to the journal can be found here.


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